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Now accepting clients in the

St Louis MO area





    ~What does a tattoo cost?

Jackie charges by the hour at $200/hr. So price depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: size, placement, whether it is color or black and grey, style (i.e. realistic vs non realistic) , the design its self, and how well you as a client sit for the piece. Most of the time a rough estimate can be given at the consultation.



    ~How do I get things started?

First step is to set up a consultation by clicking the link above. All consultations are done via phone or email and there MUST be a consultation before an appointment can be made. Your tattoo appointment will be made after the consultation. The studio requires a $100-$200 deposit (depending on how much time you want to reserve) for all tattoo appointments. That can be payed online through our booking service page.



       ~How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Not long at all! Since she is new to the St Louis area, you may only have to wait a week or two. Some days book out farther than others. For instance, Saturdays can book out farther ahead, where late morning/ early afternoon appointments during the week do not fill as quickly. So if you have a flexible schedule you will not have to wait as long.


     ~What type of payment does the studio accept?

We accept cash, credit/debit and Venmo. So be sure to discuss cost ahead of time and come prepared.

    ~When can I expect to see my artwork?

Jackie Does not draw anything until after an appointment and deposit has been made. You can expect a layout between 2 and 4 days before your appointment. It's an organizational thing.


    ~How should I prepare for my appointment?

DO : Wear a mask or face covering that covers your mouth AND nose


         Drink lots of water starting the day before (be hydrated)


        Eat well~ eat a decent meal 1-2 hrs before your app and bring a drink and snack (low blood sugar is what makes people   

                                 get nauseous, sick or even pass out during a tattoo)

            Get a good nights rest. Tattoos are hard on your body so it's important to rested and refreshed.


            Start using lotion on the area of the tattoo a week before... it will soften the skin and make it easier to tattoo (this can

                                 actually save you money on larger pieces) And keep moisturizing even after it's healed. Healthy skin means

                                 healthy tattoos.

            Bring a pillow (seriously)


DONT: Drink alcohol the day/night before or the day of . It is illegal in the state of California to preform any person                                  that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, drinking heavily the night before will thin your blood                                        and may also make you dehydrated and tired. Having a hangover will lessen your pain tolerance and make                                 it just an all around crappy day.

                    Get a tan or sunburn (sunburn cannot be tattooed and you will have to reschedule)


               Bring a bunch of friends... Tattooing is not a team sport.

                    Come too early.... She probably wont be ready and may be eating her lunch. 5 to 10 min late is actually preferable

                               (ya ...really) If its more than 10 min though please call.

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